Pet friendly cottages in Scotland

Scotland is an amazing country to visit for a self catering holiday.  It’s also a great choice for people with dogs.  Scotland is a country which is more sparsely populated than other countries in the UK.  This means that you and your dog shouldn’t be fighting for space when taking country walks or walks along long sandy beaches. 

The other attraction of a pet friendly cottage holiday in Scotland is that the Scots tend to be a friendly and accommodating bunch who by and large go out of their way to help people so if you have any pet friendly requests you should be in good company with the Scots.

Scotland itself is a beautiful country.  The city of Edinburgh is amazingly beautiful and the castle and amazing panoramic views of the city are not to be missed.  Stirling Castle is also well worth a visit, as are the many castles dotted around Aberdeenshire on the castle trail.   For simply stunning scenery head for the Highlands and/or Islands of Scotland.  Scotland’s West Coast is also particularly beautiful with lochs and mountains.  Wherever you go in Scotland, outside of the cities, Scotland is a paradise for those who love exploring the outdoors.  Enjoy rambling with your dog, and if you enjoy wildlife watching how about watching eagles gliding in the Highlands or even a spot of whale watching from the Isle of Skye or Orkney or Shetland?

Scotland is an amazing destination for pet friendly cottage holidays.