Pet friendly holiday cottages in the Peak District


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That huge expanse of hills, valleys, woodland, lakes and moors that makes up the Peak District national park in Derbyshire is one of the finest places for holidays with dogs.

Petfriendly holiday cottages in the Peak District

Pet-friendly holiday cottages in the Peak District

There are sheep  to be careful with in certain areas but also lots of places such as around the Upper Derwent Reservoir where dogs can be let off leads.

Holidays in the Peak District with dogs

Holidays in the Peak District

There are paths and trails throughout the Peak District, some mapped out carefully, others simply strolls through villages or from one village to another.  There is an attractive walk from Castleton to Hope in the heart of the Peak District and plenty of literature available to research the most interesting walks of varying durations and difficulty.  Water is never too far away in the Peak District and it’s wonderful to be presented with the spectacle of a waterfall. The highest waterfall in the Peak District is the Kinder Downfall where the Kinder River falls into the reservoir of the same name, north of Kinder Scout Nature Reserve and east of Hayfield. The countryside in this area is strewn with huge boulders.

Dogs on holiday in the Peak District

Dogs on holiday in the Peak District

One thing is for certain, the Peak District is a pleasant place to walk whether you stay in a holiday cottage or just visit for the day. It is preferable to stay a few days and to make the most of your weekend or week there. Travel inevitably whittles off a few hours from any day out so it is good to be on the spot.  There is plenty of holiday accommodation in all of Britain’s national parks , about half of which accepts guests accompanied by their dogs.

As pleasurable as it is to be out walking and exploring during the day, it I comforting to return to a homely holiday cottage in the evening, somewhere that feels cosy, where you can sit with your dogs by your feet and relax with the television. It is important to feel that your dogs are welcome and not annoying any other guests. Only self-catering cottages  can meet that need properly.

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Peak District

Peak District